Physiothérapie Montréal – Osteopathy and respiratory disorders

Osteopathy and respiratory disorders

Have you had COVID-19 several months ago and still have discomfort when breathing? Do you have asthma and still have pain after your seizures?

Good news ! Osteopathy can help you optimize your breathing capacities and help you with your breathing problems!

What respiratory disorders and diseases are we talking about?

Respiratory diseases are all diseases that have to do with the airways: nasal passages, bronchi, and lungs. It includes transient illnesses such as bronchitis, COVID-19 or chronic illnesses such as asthma, respiratory allergies (pollen, animals, mites, etc.) or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. These cause difficulty in breathing and can sometimes leave pulmonary sequelae (this is the case with the coronavirus, for example).

The role of osteopathy in all of this?

Warning, your osteopath cannot cure the disease. It is essential to have a follow-up with a medical team in the case of a chronic illness and to consult your doctor in the event of a transient illness. Also, do not consult when you have a fever or your cough is acute.

Osteopathy mainly addresses the after-effects of the disease. When the airways are inflamed and narrowed, breathing difficulties come into play. In asthma, for example, attacks cause musculoskeletal tension. Excessive coughing can cause dysfunction in the rib cage and diaphragm, but also in the spine. The body is under stress as a result of the disease and the goal of the osteopath is to restore mobility to all structures that have undergone mechanical blockages and thus allow patients to recover fuller breathing.

Some tips for better recovery after respiratory illness:

  • Consult an osteopath when the acute phase is over
  • Gradually resume physical activity
  • Practice breathing exercises to mobilize your diaphragm such as cardiac coherence

Our team will be ready for you when you need !

If you have pain, do not hesitate to consult an Osteopath to find out what you have and how to fix it!

Note that these tips may not apply to everyone. If the pain persists, call us for an appointment or book online!