Our Team


Our physiotherapists, osteopaths, rehab therapists, massage therapists, yoga therapists, kinesiologists have great experience in the field of rehabilitation and are qualified, trained and ready to assess our customers, which is the reason why St-Catherine physiotherapy clinic became one of the leaders in physical rehabilitation .

Weijia Xu, pht. FCAMPT

She is a founding member of St-Catherine physiotherapy clinic.

Graduated in physiotherapy from McGill University in 2008, she is specialized in treating orthopedic conditions. She is a certified physiotherapist since 2018, receiving the title of Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT), who has completed post-graduate education and attained internationally-recognized qualifications in manual therapy.

She is also specialized in dry needling (Puncture Physiothérapique avec Aiguilles Sèches) and Vestibular rehabilitation.

She is one of the advanced practice physiotherapists within the CareAxis group, which specializes in treating people with spinal pain (back and neck pain).

Jessica Massenat, trp. et massage therapist

Jessica is a physical therapy technologist and a massage therapist. With her knowledge in rehabilitation science and human anatomy, her massages are both therapeutic and relaxing.

She now practices different types of massage technics: Swedish massage, massage on chair, massage for pregnant women, and last, a totally different experience with hot stone massage!!!!

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Junie St-Jean

As a secretary Junie is assiduous at her position since the very beginning, she is a very good team member, smiling and pleasant. She helps our patients to have convenient appointments with the right specialized professional at St-Catherine physiotherapy clinic.

Sharl Shatta, pht.

Sharl is a physiotherapist graduated from McGill. He had many experiences with different clienteles: rheumatology, sports injuries, post stroke rehabilitation.

Since, he also specialized in the orthopedic clientele by using the Mckenzie approaches. Caring about your health, he is always ready to deepen his knowledge in order to provide you an excellent quality of care based on science.

Fatma Ali, pht.

Fatma has a lot of clinical experience and had worked in different hospitals in Egypt. She obtained her doctorate degree in orthopedic physiotherapy from the University of Cairo in Egypt, in 2016. This allowed her to quickly obtain her equivalence here in Quebec. Now, she is an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist, specialized in treating back and neck pain, in collaboration with the neuro-surgeons from CareAxis.

Her specialization in musculoskeletal and sports injuries, and in manual therapy is also very well recognized at our clinic.

Her goal: to cure her patients as quickly as possible!

Joel Vicente, pht.

Joel is an experienced physical therapist and personal trainer since 2006 in Philippines. He treats various musculoskeletal conditions with manual therapy, PNF techniques. He accomplished his equivalency at McGill University since 2019, continued his post-graduation education in Mckenzie approach.

He joined our team to continue to provide care and help for those in pain.

Anaëlle Franchet, Osteopath

After a career in public relations, Anaëlle decided to change direction to serve the well-being of others in 2016. She finished her training in osteopathy at the Academy of Osteopathy of Montreal and she is currently in writing of her thesis to obtain her DO title (diploma in osteopathy). Her gentle yet efficient approach includes assessing and caring for every system in the body for a diverse clientele ranging from athletes, children, pregnant women to geriatric patients. Mother of a little girl, she is passionate about the world of perinatal care and somato-emotional balance.

She is a member in good standing of the RITMA association.

José Pimentel Rosario, Ph.D., pht.

José Rosario, Ph.D joined our clinic as a Physical Therapist, Naturopath in Canada, with more than 20 years of clinical, research and teaching experiences. He is also an Osteopath, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist in Brazil. His interest and expertise extend from the areas of Manual Therapy, Postural correction and balance, to Chronic Pain. In his research, he is developing methods to treat biomechanical problems through posture and myofascial release.

As a Post-doctoral fellow at one of the best Medical School in South America, he created a methodology called Postural Balance, based on Yoga, which is a way of treating postural problems through the myofascial chains and movement. As a teacher in physical therapy, he has trained over 500 course participants in the Postural Balance concept and methodology.

Author of several books and book chapters, his research is focused on clinical practice, aiming to achieve better treatment results for patients.

YuXin Hu, pht.

YuXin has a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from McGill University. During her studies, she perfectionated in the orthopedic, manual therapy. She obtained a certification in Manipulations. She also specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation for women and men. Her passion in this profession is shown throughout the good care of her patients and best practices.

Samantha Desquirez, Massothérapeute.

Charming and professional, Samantha is a massage therapist with a background in sports as a sports coach/teacher in the past. Her massage techniques are accurate and targeted to relieve muscle tension, providing you with well-being and relaxation.

Swedish massage, trigger point releases, myofascial stretching, Lomi-lomi, Thai massage and comforting and decongestion massages are all techniques she uses.

Daphne Carmichael, Osteopath

Daphne is an osteopath who uses different osteopathic approaches to adapt to the needs of each person, regardless of age and level of physical activity. She has a strong interest in fascial and tissue approaches. She is also particularly interested in everything that encompasses the visceral sphere, including the gynecological sphere, adolescents to postmenopausal women; from follow-ups for pregnant women to the postpartum period, as well as all the different afflictions in women’s health. The subject of her thesis is endometriosis, a pathology that has major repercussions on the quality of life of women affected and which is still very little known and studied.

Fabio Stilben, Osteopath

Fabio is a passionate osteopath, always attentive to his patients, he inspires confidence and obtains good results from the treatments he gives. He uses different approaches to adapts to the client’s needs, including fascia-therapy, muscle energy techniques, articular, visceral and cranial techniques to relieve your pain.