How to prepare for cold or flu season and the second wave of Covid-19

Préparons pour la saison de rhume/grippe et 2e vague de Covid-19

The cold is coming now along with the cold / flu season. This year, the famous question is …

Do I have a cold or the Covid? Here are the procedures to follow:

If you have flu / cold symptoms and have not been in contact with someone tested + ve or possibly + ve for Covid-19:

– Wait 24 hours and watch for your symptoms

You can go to the following website to do a self-assessment to find out if you need to take a test for Covid-19: or call 1 877 644-4545

If deemed that you should take the test:

–  Follow the instructions given by phone or on the website to get tested or

– You can go to mobile screening stations (you have to go there early in the morning)

– Wait for your result (generally between 24-72hrs) before resuming your activities.

At the Ste-Catherine Physiotherapy clinic, we ensure that all our professionals wear the appropriate personal protective equipment and that all of our clients wear a mask inside the clinic at all times.

This way, even if we have +ve case in the clinic, but you have no symptoms, you can still continue with your normal activities.

On the contrary, in the absence of wearing protective equipment, if you discover that you have been in close contact with a person tested +ve, even if you do not have symptoms, you should get tested and self-isolate.

In the event of quarantine, please choose tele-health to not to delay your recovery. It’s also effective:

– 80-85% accuracy on physio diagnostics

– 80-85% of cases cured during the first wave of Covid-19 only with tele-health