February 2019

Three months ago, when I referred to the Ste-Catherine Physical Therapy Clinic, I had felt a lot of pain on my neck. I was going under treatment immediately by an expert in physical therapy called Mr. Sharl Shatta. He did a very good job. He gave me regular exercises, and I did all of them perfectly. I had one visit per week in the first month of the treatment. After that, I had two visits per month. After seven sessions, I did not feel any pain on my neck and back muscles at all. It was great, and I am so happy that I do not have any pain on my neck. I appreciate the suggestions and helps of Mr. Sharl Shatta and other personnel in this physical therapy clinic.

–          Nahid

Nov 2018


Sharl is an excellent physiotherapist. The progress I made after my leg fracture exceeded all of my expectations. My full recovery is due in large part to Sharl’s encouragement, advice, and expertise. He also worked very hard with me physically. I owe him a depth of gratitude because I am pain-free and on my way to a full recovery. Thank you!


“Five years ago, I had frozen shoulders that no pain medication could relieve. After a period of physiotherapy with Weijia Xu, at the Ste-Catherine Physical Therapy Clinic, my shoulders are now back to normal.”

“My knees were so painful that I thought I could never dance Zumba again, but with physiotherapy, I was able to dance Zumba twice a week.” 

“With the yoga therapy offered at the Ste-Catherine Physical Therapy Clinic, where the yoga instructor teaches yoga poses personalized to my abilities, I was able to increase my flexibility and to benefit from the relaxation techniques.” 



“Ste-Catherine physiotherapy clinic is a comprehensive clinic with highly knowledgable practioners of both physiotherapy and osteopathy. During my recovery from a car accident, I went from barely being able to write to showing in galleries again.”

“Weijia is a compassionate person who treats each patient with care and understanding. When you are in pain and feeling ill, this is very important.”

“By such, I lived down the street and was able to attend this clinic. Travel there regardless of where you are!”



Our team is focused on science and works in the rules of art.

Our professionals are on the cutting edge of new technologies and are devoted in continuing education courses in order to improve knowledge and quality of their treatments.

Our professionals are members in good standing with their respective associations.

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