May is physical therapy month in Canada!


Physiotherapists Unite

Celebrating a century’s worth of work

Have you hugged your physio today? If not save the embrace May which is national physiotherapy month in Canada. All medical professionals and caregivers deserve their moment in the sun, and physiotherapists are no different.





Demystifying YOGA (PART II):

Health benefits of yoga according to researches

As discussed in Demystifying yoga (Part I), yoga is now considered a form of alternative medicine, and mind-body fitness, which can improve physical and mental health. Here are what researches say about the benefits of yoga practice:

Demystifying YOGA (PART I)

When talking about yoga, the first thing that comes up on your mind might be: “Those people who does crazy and weird postures…”; “It’s for flexible people, I will never be able to do that”…

Let’s take a deeper look at what is yoga practice and its benefits for health (in PART II of Demystifying Yoga):

Pineapple, Cinnamon and Oats Smoothie to Strengthen Tendons and Ligaments in Knee

The knees are here to support the correct posture of the body and they also allow us to run, walk, jump and stand in a proper way.

The aging process brings many wounds, injuries and other things that make them loose. It also makes the ligaments and tendons in this area less mobile and flexible while the lubrication in them is lost. 

Vitamin B Deficiency Causes Migraines and Headaches and Here Is How To Fix It

Vitamin B Deficiency Causes Migraines and Headaches and Here Is How To Fix It

Experiencing a migraine is a very unpleasant situation. If you experience migraines on a regular basis you know that this occurrence is almost unbearable. So, when we talk about identifying the reason why migraines happen in the first place, it is quite logical to make some effort to find a way to protect yourself.

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